Assessment and Treatment Services

We provide comprehensive psychological services for adults, adolescents, and children. We assess and treat many issues and concerns.

Common presenting issues are as follows:

Obsessive Compulsive Difficulties
Autism Spectrum Concerns
Attentional Difficulties
Low Self-Esteem

Attachment Disturbances
Somatic Concerns
Chronic Pain/Illness
Behavioural Difficulties
Eating/Sleeping Disturbances
Sexual Concerns

Identity Issues
Personality Concerns
Relationship Issues
Family Difficulties
Parenting Concerns
Grief and Bereavement
Life Changes and Transitions
Growth and Development


We recognize that informal assessment is an essential component of psychological treatment. A thorough understanding of our patients and their life circumstances is instrumental to the treatment process.

We also conduct formal assessments to determine individuals’ psychological status (e.g., diagnosis), functioning, and needs for various purposes other than to inform our own provision of treatment. Formal assessments are typically conducted within four sessions. Standard assessment reports usually require up to two hours to produce, while the completion of assessment reports for legal purposes often requires five to ten hours. If you are seeking a comprehensive trauma and attachment assessment for a child or adolescent, please refer to the Specialized Trauma and Attachment Services page.


We would be pleased to assist you in selecting the treatment that will best fit your needs and goals. We offer the following types of treatment:

Individual Therapy. Individual therapy is most appropriate to address issues primarily related to someone’s personal struggles, even if those struggles affect relationships.

Couple Therapy. Couple therapy focuses on working through and resolving issues within the couple relationship, and/or enhancing that relationship. Couple issues often affect individual functioning; however, if they are at the root, it is best to address them through couple therapy.

Family Therapy. Similar to couple therapy, family therapy focuses on working through and resolving issues between family members or a subset of family members, and/or enhancing those relationships and the family’s functioning. Family issues often affect individual functioning; however, if they are at the root, it is best to address them through family therapy.

Parenting Guidance. Parenting guidance focuses on helping parents to help their children, and/or to enhance their relationships with their children. Issues may arise in the parent-child relationship due to the child’s struggles, parents’ own histories and struggles, conflict or lack of consistency between parenting styles, or a combination of the above.

Payment and Fees

Psychological services are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Our services are covered in part or full by most extended health care plans (e.g., workplace and student benefits) and by some government programs (e.g., Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Veterans Affairs Canada). For income tax purposes, psychological services may be claimed as a medical expense.

Fees (per hour)

Formal Assessment Treatment
Standard: $190.00 Individual Therapy: $190.00
Legal: $225.00 Couple Therapy: $210.00
Family Therapy: $210.00
Parenting Guidance: $190.00

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, Interac Debit, or Interac e-Transfer.

We schedule daytime and evening appointments. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to request more information about our assessment and treatment services.

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