Dr. Zayed’s Trauma and Attachment Qualifications

Our Specialized Trauma and Attachment Services are a recent expansion of the longstanding clinical services offered at McKenzie Zayed. Dr. Richard Zayed developed these specialized services based on his extensive experience, both academic and clinical, in the interrelated areas of trauma and attachment.

Dr. Zayed completed his postdoctoral research fellowship in the areas of trauma and dissociation in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario (Western University). He has remained actively involved in research on trauma and attachment, and has presented that research nationally and internationally.

Dr. Zayed has undertaken comprehensive training in the assessment and treatment of trauma and of attachment disturbances and disorders, and received associated certifications. He has worked extensively with Dr. Robert Marvin, director of the Mary Ainsworth Clinic and one of the developers of the Circle of Security® attachment model, and he is certified in Circle of Security® assessment and treatment.

Dr. Zayed worked at Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), a provincial tertiary-care mental health centre, for over 10 years in the trauma and attachment clinic, and was the clinic lead for 5 of those years. He has supervised, mentored, and educated a range of mental health professionals working in the areas of trauma and attachment, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. He has conducted over 150 presentations and workshops for diverse audiences throughout Ontario and across Canada on topics related to trauma and attachment. Dr. Zayed has been called on to conduct court-based trauma, attachment, and parenting assessments, and to provide expert testimony on such matters.

Through his various professional endeavors, Dr. Zayed has applied principles of attachment and trauma informed care to the assessment, treatment, and caregiving of children within numerous community contexts, including hospitals, schools, mental health agencies, child welfare agencies, adoption agencies, residential group homes, and the homes of biological, adoptive, and foster parents. The Specialized Trauma and Attachment Services, now offered at McKenzie Zayed, are a carefully crafted consolidation of this wide-ranging body of work.

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