Lindsay Neilands

Hello and welcome to McKenzie Zayed.

As the office administrator at McKenzie Zayed, I am privileged to be working with a positive and diverse group of psychologists who are exceptionally skilled and motivated. My goal is to foster a warm, supportive atmosphere that will encourage patients’ personal growth and development. I am mindful of the importance of fit when pairing a patient with a psychologist and always prioritize patients’ needs and requests when performing this task in our practice.

In my secondary position of psychometric assistant, I play a role in the provision of our Specialized Trauma and Attachment Assessments for Children and Adolescents. I arrange the assessment materials to be utilized and, during the assessment process, I facilitate the administration of various tools. I also assist in scoring and organizing the assessment data in preparation for the data analysis and the interpretation of the assessment results.

I have brought to McKenzie Zayed a very diverse background, including a degree in honours communication studies with administration option from Wilfrid Laurier University, a diploma in the medical office assistant program from triOS College, and almost seven years of living in South Korea, teaching English to students of all ages.

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