Specialized Trauma and Attachment Services

Our Specialized Trauma and Attachment Services are a recent expansion of the longstanding clinical services offered at McKenzie Zayed. Dr. Richard Zayed developed these specialized services based on his extensive experience, both academic and clinical, in the interrelated areas of trauma and attachment.

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Specialized Trauma and Attachment Assessments for Children and Adolescents

We offer highly specialized and comprehensive assessments examining the impact of negative/adverse life experiences on the psychological functioning of children and adolescents.

The objectives of these assessments are as follows:

  • To investigate symptoms associated with complex/developmental trauma, including anxiety, depression, and dissociation
  • To examine attachment patterns and functioning across relationships
  • To determine if symptoms meet diagnostic criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disturbances of attachment, attachment disorders, dissociative disorders, and/or personality disorder tendencies

These assessments provide an understanding of the youth’s struggles, help explain his/her complex behaviours, and generate recommendations for parents, teachers, and professionals regarding future planning and intervention.

At McKenzie Zayed, we offer treatment for trauma and attachment struggles. Please refer to the Comprehensive Treatment Services page for further details about the treatment we provide.

Payment and Fees

The Specialized Trauma and Attachment Assessment package includes interviews, administration of assessment tools, scoring and interpretation of assessment data, completion of a report, and a feedback session. The cost of this package is $3000.00.

Any further clinical service is billed at the rate of $200.00 per hour. Additional clinical work conducted for a legal purpose is billed at the rate of $225.00 per hour.

For a combined package that incorporates a Specialized Trauma and Attachment Assessment and Psychoeducational Assessment, the cost is $5000.00.​

Payment may be made by cash, certified cheque, Interac Debit, or Interac e-Transfer.

Psychological services are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Our services are covered in part or full by most extended health care plans (e.g., workplace and student benefits) and by some government programs (e.g., Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Veterans Affairs Canada). For income tax purposes, psychological services may be claimed as a medical expense.

We schedule daytime and evening appointments. Please contact us to schedule a Specialized Trauma and Attachment Assessment for your child/adolescent, or to request more information about this service.

Trauma and Attachment Workshops and Presentations

We offer specialized workshops and presentations on topics within the interrelated areas of posttraumatic stress disorder, complex trauma or developmental trauma, healthy secure attachment, and attachment struggles (i.e., disturbances of attachment and attachment disorders). If you are seeking individual supervision or consultation in the areas of trauma and attachment, for yourself as a practitioner or on behalf of an organization, please refer to the Services for Practitioners and Organizations page.

Workshops/Presentations can

  • Range from half-day seminars to multi-day extensive training programs
  • Be geared towards health care professionals, child welfare workers, group home and residential staff, parents, or teachers
  • Focus on attachment and/or trauma intervention, assessment, or treatment
  • Cover various topics, such as
    • Foundations of Trauma and Attachment
    • Attachment and the Circle of Security®
    • Trauma Treatment
    • Trauma-informed Care
    • Attachment and Psychotherapy
    • Working with Personality Disorders

Payment and Fees

Agencies typically pay for our workshops and presentations. However, the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) pays our fees for these services when they are offered to government agencies within Ontario ministries (e.g., Children, Community, and Social Services; Community, Safety, and Correctional Services; Education; Health and Long-Term Care; Training, Colleges, and Universities). For more information regarding OTN and its payment for our services, contact Susan Thompson, coordinator for the OTN Western Hub.

Please contact us to schedule a Trauma and Attachment Workshop or Presentation, or to request more information about these services.

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